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The word “ADVENTURE” belongs in our business name because we believe that the care of your loved one is a pro-active relationship. It is inspired by Adventure Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that encourages individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in activities. At Adventure Mental Health LLC, we believe that one’s quality of life can be improved, not by sitting at home, but by integrating oneself into fun, engaging activities at home or in the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with superior quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business, for safe learning and a supportive experience. Our professionals are carefully selected and assigned to clients as a best possible match, depending on the health, needs, and preferences of the client, to help them live a happier, healthier and fulfilling life.

Meet Our Team

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Our professionals are fully screened, trained, qualified, and instructed to follow the client’s Plan of Care and weekly schedule. Our great team of professionals is experienced and invested in the human services field. Because our clients are greatly important to us and we want our professionals to excel in the field, we have company policies and regulations for them to follow, such as filling out forms and doing reports to assure high-quality services for a person with intellectual and developmental disability in Northfield, New Jersey.

With our uncompromising commitment to superior integrity, our team are dedicated to performing their duties and responsibilities to our high standard of quality. Some of the duties and responsibilities vary in intensity and frequency depending on the assignment. We believe that the well-being of our clients matter the most in order to help them achieve an optimum level of health and quality of life that they deserve. That is why we give our clients and our professionals an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities together, such as a sport or hobby, increasing community integration, cognitive, and social skills.

To ensure quality services, all staff members are oriented to the agency’s Code of Ethics to assure that our clients’ sense of privacy and dignity will remain well-respected. Adventure Mental Health LLC have written personnel policies and make them available to all professionals. These policies include ongoing evaluations process for learning, skill development, implement motivating strategies and different training to improve and ensure each employees’ growth.

Because our professionals are very important to us, our Management Team supervise and refer to continuing education for all team members, focusing on career development, increasing skills, and reducing staff turnover. These are core elements of professional development programs and mandated training.

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