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Linda Ford

Linda Ford is the founder of Adventure Mental Health LLC. At a young age, she started her education at The University of Arecibo, Puerto Rico and studied business to later become a Bilingual resident of the State of New Jersey where she graduated with a Degree in Psychology from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Throughout the years, Linda has garnered experience in different industries, being a pilot for many companies and guaranteeing success and opening new horizons to individualized markets. She has worked in the Resort and Hotel Industry, Marine and RV Industry, Real Estate Industry, and most recently, in the Health Industry. Specifically, she has experience in working as a Behavioral Coordinator, Direct Support Professional, and Cognitive Therapist who provides Cognitive Rehabilitation for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Presently with more than 30 years in combined higher education and work experience in high-quality service, Linda partakes into delivering top-notch care and support to the infirmed, the aged, and to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through her vast experience, she can bring unmatched client care and support to everyone she serves.

She believes that a quality care provider does not only aims to achieve excellent client-centered care, but it should also be given within the company. That is why she also take care of her employees and makes sure that they are giving equal opportunities on the field and during training.



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