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We commit to aiding you to live a holistically healthier and happier life.

Adventure Mental Health LLC have certified holistic nutritionist professionals to facilitate online services and support. These services will be non-medical. Our holistic nutritionist professionals will provide education in the different aspects on what is holistic nutrition and guide our clients to begin and improve a healthier lifestyle. With the goal that they can establish and sustain their optimal health with the right resources and support from exceptional professionals.

Nutrition and Wellness

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As our way of supporting everyone to live a healthier lifestyle, our team is dedicated to providing nutrition education, where we discuss to a group of online audience our body’s nutritional requirements, the dos and don’ts, proper portions, and highly recommended foods and beverages, among other topics. This start-up package is not only educative but also entertaining as we will be doing other things like cooking while presenting various concepts in nutrition.

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We understand that our clients have diverse needs and circumstances that require the attention of our experts. Hence, we deliver one-on-one services where we concentrate on catering to the individual’s needs to achieve and maintain his/her optimal wellness.

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When clients are in doubt or in a dilemma with the packages to choose from, we want them to have the option where they get a glimpse of all the packages. Our combination package is an integration of all packages. The goal of this package is to help our audience understand the essence of proper nutrition and ways to establish and maintain wellness.

How Does It Work? 
The Start-Up Program will be a 1-hour session online in small groups. There will be one instructor educating about holistic nutrition in general.
The Premium package will be a 12-session program of 1-hour per session. This is a one-on-one private session with the instructor and student only. This session will be tailored to the students’ specific needs.
The Combine program, our professionals will ensure to assist in scheduling to meet your needs in attending both one-on-one and group sessions.

For further detailed information on how to be part of this exclusive program, please email us at with your contact information, and we will have our consultants call you back and go over your wants and needs and present you with a package that fits best.

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