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In this unprecedented time, we are all adopting a “new normal”. Adventure Mental Health LLC has worked in providing services to those individuals who need In-Home Services to assure their health and safety. Many of our Community Integration Direct Support Professionals are now being shifted to In-Home Services or may perform services on safe community settings. Our staff is trained to do both and is presently completing courses on COVID 19 to assure the safety of both clients and staff. Hard work is far from over. As time goes by and when there is more community settings open and safe, we will then be advising the client and the staff . To do this, we must address the critical task of helping others and each other practicing safety in order to be able to support and ensuring continuity of service for our clients. The good news is, we have a tremendous amount of experience delivering services, and our staff is experienced and can be versatile to do both In-Home or Community and Individual Supports. Our recruiters will ensure that the need for each client is part of the hiring process and qualifications. We continue to focus on optimizing our employees by providing training, support, and resources that ensure a successful transition.

In response to the current extreme circumstances, we have launched a resource that is available to our employees and clients alike in order to effectively communicate. Our Administration staff is in constant communication with our employees and clients to relate any news and/or assistant available now and as we go to better help each other in each independent need. We have provided our working staff with extra safety equipment for them and their families and have made sure that our clients who are in need of safety equipment, regardless of whether or not we can do Community Based Support with them, that they as well have access to this equipment, such as masks and first aid kits.

We are empowering our staff with online training and teaching them new tasks as for them to be able to provide Virtual Support services for the programs that we have here at Adventure Mental Health. Continue engaging with our clients is not only our goal but necessary by doing safe outdoor activities in home or virtually through our new Virtual Support services program.

Management is operating at home and we are recruiting more direct support professionals to ensure team safety and continued operating success in the short- and long-term. Our door is open to hiring those parents and/or guardians who are in the direct care of their loved ones via our recruitment team following company guidelines and making free training available to them. Individuals with Support Coordination agencies must be very specific in the service detail report of the exact need for In-Home, as well as in the community, once it is safe to both clients and staff to integrate our clients in the community and continue mentoring in such.

Additionally, our website has many links to websites that are fun and educational and can be accessible with no charge. And for those clients who are signed up with our company, we have several additional websites sponsor by our company that they could access with our special code. Or we can mail. We are proud to provide this important resource that could help brighten up the day of our clients. Our leaders apply their skills while adjusting to the virtual environment that is now required to keep our clients looking forward to a brighter future and business moving forward.

I have faith that we are up to the challenge. By working together, sharing together, and supporting one another, we will come through this a stronger and more united community.

Be safe,

Linda Ford

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